Italian Vegetable Tanned Buttero Leather

We source vegetable tanned leather from member tanneries of the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium of Tuscany, Italy. There, the leathers are still produced using the traditional methods of vegetable tanning which give the leathers unique natural characteristics. The Consortium strictly monitors the production cycle to ensure a low impact on the environment.

The premium vegetable tanned Buttero Leather used in our collection comes from the renowned Conciera Walpier Tannery in Tuscany, Italy. Founded in 1973, Walpier specializes in vegetable processing of premium French raw leathers. Buttero is a traditional full grain leather characterized with a smooth and firm surface with rich beautiful colours. Due to the compact and dense tissues on the surface of Buttero, a small amount of scratches is occasionally unavoidable during the creation of our objects. The leather will gradually develop a patina with exposure to natural elements like sun, water and oil from the skin.

Natural Markings

The process of dyeing the leathers in vegetable tannins keeps its natural texture intact. Each hide reflects the animal’s life by showing natural markings such as scars, stretch marks, insect bites and follicles. These variations in texture, colours and contrasts add to the individual character of vegetable tanned leather, making each of our products a unique piece.

Italian Full-Grain Nappa Leather

We source our full-grain Nappa leather from Italy. The term “Nappa leather” comes from Napa, California, US, where it was first made in 1875. The core of the tanning process remains the same to this day: hides are dyed with water-soluble colorants producing vibrant colors while keeping the original texture of the surface intact and preserving natural markings.

The unaltered surface of Nappa leather is soft to the touch, pliable and highly durable. Due to its exceptional characteristics, Nappa leather is widely used for small leather goods and luxury car interiors in the automotive industry. The leather will develop a beautiful patina with age and use.

Italian Waterproof Suede

Whenever applicable, our designs are complimented with Italian suede. Made from the underside of the skin, suede is a perfect material as a cushioned lining due to its soft brushed texture. Unlike most suedes which quickly absorb liquids, our suedes are waterproofed for practical usage in our designs such as watch rolls and valet trays.